• Holly Bark


Since starting Digital Film Production at SAE Institute, I believe I have learnt many things about myself as a lot of things have changed, such as moving away from home, meeting new people in a completely new area. Because of this I think I have become a more confident person, which use to be a weakness of mine, I have done a few presentations whilst a SAE and I feel now my confidence has grown a lot more since doing these, so more confident about future presentations. Another strength of mine is that I am able to work well in a team, I particularly enjoy working with others and giving my opinion when needed but also leading the team if necessary, this will become very useful when working in the film industry as it is very competitive but also is about working in team most of the time to create the film.

I believe I am better with practical work as I prefer being hands on with it rather than the screen writing, I understand cameras and how they work, more than how screen writing works, but the camera side appeals to me more. Screen writing is something I would like to learn and develop at SAE and hopefully become more confident in that area. I have always been a person who enjoys practical work as I find it’s the best way I learn. Communicating is a key strength, talking to others in a particular way with out being impatient or giving the wrong impression, and explaining clearly my ideas and opinion in way that particular individual can understand.

Although I am becoming more confident with others and presenting in front of people, I feel as though confidence is an area that I could improve on to make me as a person to stand out when wanting a job in the film industry.

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