• Holly Bark


I want to make sure I am in a career that I enjoy and passionate about. Photography was the first step I made, buying my own DSLR camera (Canon 1100D) and teaching myself how to use it. I wanted to get as much experience as possible with the camera! I then wanted to try out a Nikon camera so I bought a newer Nikon D5300. I entered local photography competitions and I worked at a local riding club being their “official photographer”, to which I would sell the images of the on my very own website I created so the contestants could buy the images of themselves with their horse, including dressage, show jumping and showing.

Also doing product photo shoots for a local restaurant, shooting the restaurant its self, food that was served in the restaurant and drinks sold, for the promotion of their website. I have also done a product photo shoot for an equestrian shop in my local area, shooting horse wear and riders wear. I would take photos most days of my dogs, horses and any other animals, as I loved capturing them in action.

Doing A Level film, helped my passion for film grow. I created two short films in my 2 years there. Obscured is a short horror film that I produced for my AS Film coursework. This short film is based on a young vulnerable teenager out on a her weekly run. She is not aware of her surroundings as she listens to her music, causing her to become oblivious to what is happening around her and the danger she could be in. The girl finds herself in a woodland not knowing how she got there, and realising there is a connection with her mother, as things escalate quickly. I tried many different camera techniques and shots when producing this film so the audience can connect with the emotions of the characters. The sound effects have a huge impact to how the film is scene, which makes each scene feel like it can suddenly change your life.

My other short film produced for my A2 film course work is called Jackpot Misery. Influenced by the director Christopher Nolan, focusing on the story line of society fears and presented with a non-linear context. My film is based on a fear about money and becoming in debt, how having money to loosing it quickly can suddenly change your life. I have presented the film with flashbacks to clearly show the difference between life with money and what could happen with out it.

Producing these two films made me realise how much I love creating an idea and developing it, and seeing the end product. I really enjoyed capturing the footage at different angles and using different cameras and lenses, which had an impact on my career aspirations.

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