• Holly Bark


A day spent in Northampton at East Haddon Church capturing Jess and Toms magical day. Having been to the rehursals the night before I felt pretty confident about the service, I knew where I could stand and move to capture the best moments. I had a Canon 6D on a tripod with a 35mm lens to show every movement of the bride and groom, but I also had another Canon 6D with me using a 85mm lens to get closer, more detailed shots such as the ring exchange and holding hands. 

I had the camera handheld for most shots, to show movement but once put into slow motion for editing, the shaking wasn't noticeable. Changing batteries and the SD cards was the most important part and to keep transferring footage on to my laptop and hard drive so nothing could get lost. 

I really enjoyed the day and was great experience, and hearing how happy Jess and Tom were when they received the video. Jess said "Absolutely amazing! Myself and mum stopped to watch it in Morrison's and started crying, I am absolutely over the moon. I think I have watched it over 40 times now!! Thank you so much."

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