• Holly Bark


Updated: Aug 9, 2018

CEF Live was a big event at the NEC in Birmingham. I was fortunate enough to be able to get even work experience here and work with the CEF photographers. I used my own camera (Canon 80D) but was able to use different lenses that CEF provided, capturing wide angles and close up shots.

The day started taking photos of each stand, showing logos, etc. Then as the place started to get busier we got shots of customers and salesmen selling and talking to people. Also taking photos at the presentations. 

This was great experience being able to see how an event photography team work, and looking at the schedule that they have to keep to so they capture every moment of the day. These photos will then be used to promote next years event and advertise the company.

I learnt a lot from the photographers such as copying footage over often, and better to shoot darker than it being exposed as when it comes to editing it is easier to brighten a picture as the detail is still there. Also I was taught to shoot in RAW and edit in photo shop, learning different techniques and easier short cuts for editing a large amount of photos.

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