• Holly Bark


An area of development I want to improve on is my confidence. I believe confidence is something that anyone looks at when meeting someone for the first time. Many things come from confidence, such as communicating, initiative, problem solving, but confidence is needed to show these areas.

Improving my confidence would benefit me as a person and make me stand out as I can give my opinion and ideas with confidence and not being hesitant about difficult situations when working in the film industry. It is very fast pace industry and is usually very intense and competitive so to be confident and strong in your particular field is key.

Another key area fro development I would like to improve on is Screen writing, as I’m already familiar and confident with the camera and practical side of the film industry although i’ll still be improving on this. Screen writing is something I would want to improve on as I will need to know how it works, etc when working on a film set.

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